Everyday Luxuries

Lamoureux - for lovers

Fragrance - a pleasant smell

Atelier- a workshop or studio

Why We're Special

  • Crackling Wooden Wicks

    Specially sourced from Forest-Stewardship-Council-Certified mills; Meaning they practice environmentally friendly forestry standards.

    Our wicks produce a relaxing ambiance sound similar to a fireplace and provide a beautiful horizontal flame shape. 

  • Free but Not Cheap

    Animal Product Free.






  • Beauty & Sustainability.

    Vessels that are designed to be reused

    Easy to remove labels

    Painted glass jars

    Custom lids for style & function

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Our Core Collection Scents

  • Centerfold

    01/04 - The signature scent.

    Our founder's sorority name? Sister Centerfold. She is sexy, fun, and free (but never cheap).

  • sand in my shoes

    02/04 - Know that feeling when you return from a particularly delicious vacation? The vibes, the sexiness, and the glow haven't washed off yet? This is the fragrance when you can still hear the ocean and smell the breeze of the sea.

  • Inhale. Exhale.

    03/04- There’s a time for self care and then there’s a time for clarity. For focusing.

    This is a candle for relaxing, for controlling your breaths. For the times you need to get it done & remain cool, calm & collected while doing it.

    inhale. exhale. Isn’t that better?

  • Oliaj

    04/04- A personal favorite. Oliver & AJ, the men I love. A masculine scent, that’s soft and strong. Warm and crisp.

    Dualities can make a man perfect. In a candle? They do the same.